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别名: 神鬼交易(台) / 不良交易 / 不法交易 / 非法交涉 / Unfair Deal / The Unjust Bad Deal

标签: 惊悚 悬疑 韩国电影 剧情 韩国 政治 黄政民 悬疑 犯罪 人性

简介: 不当交易 讲述了一名年轻女孩的事件震惊了全国。嫌疑犯被杀后,警察部门承受着巨大的压力。在青瓦台,在总统的关注下,警察局长决定让没有背景的警察局长崔哲吉(黄正民)来解决这件事,并承诺在事情完成后会得. 详情










剧情:不当交易 讲述了一名年轻女孩的事件震惊了全国。嫌疑犯被杀后,警察部门承受着巨大的压力。在青瓦台,在总统的关注下,警察局长决定让没有背景的警察局长崔哲吉(黄正民)来解决这件事,并承诺在事情完成后会得到提升。崔哲吉找到线人张喜秋(刘海珍饰)。此前,他以竞价受贿罪拘留了房地产大亨金总,并帮助张喜秋获得了海东大厦的所有权。因此,张喜秋也答应崔哲吉找人顶包。他威胁并引诱第二名犯罪嫌疑人李东石认罪。崔哲吉没想到张喜秋在受到金总的挑衅后,在高尔夫球场上派人暗杀了他,并给检察官朱阳(刘成凡)拍了一张与金总会面的照片。朱阳收到这张照片时吓得魂飞魄散。在盯着案件看的时候,他无意中发现了崔哲吉和张喜秋之间的不当交易,并向崔哲吉提出了另一笔交易。因此,一场由检察官、警察和线人表演的奇怪的戏剧开始了。。。该片获得了第32届韩国电影青龙奖三项大奖中最重要的奖项:最佳影片、最佳导演和最佳编剧。

《现正分手中》最新合照 张基龙搂肩宋慧.

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由于清晰的命名,在交易平台上导照片无比快速准确 在facebook上发的是这种物品集合照片,有清晰的命名在编辑照片时能做到心中有数不会出错

—— 在线交‪易‬ 定价:1.查出原价,减一半 2. 平台上类似物品出售价格,更少一点 3.自由发挥





Online exchanges have emerged as some of the internet's best businesses - but also as some of the worst

So 在线交‪易‬ the internet hasn't revolutionised the (0). A. most of us buy petrol, or 在线交‪易‬ watch movies. But there is one thing the internet does very well. It can bring together (19) . dispersed buyers and sellers to create active, efficient markets where none(20). before. This facility has (21) . to the emergence of online exchanges: retail businesses with none of the usual traders' risks - no merchandise, no storefronts - and with nothing 在线交‪易‬ to do but take a (22). of each transaction that takes place on the site.

This may sound straightforward, but some high-profile online exchanges have(23). out to be major embarrassments. One company, which tried to 在线交‪易‬ establish a central marketplace on the internet for auto parts, has invested, in (24). a massive $250m and is (25). to stay in business. Another businessman, who facilitated online trading in business equipment and supplies, (26). after 在线交‪易‬ he had lost $280m.

So what 在线交‪易‬ does a company need in order to be successful? You could call it good'market architecture' - a structure that (27). the right business plan and top technology with good timing and the (28). of both buyers and sellers.

Mike Pham's company, 在线交‪易‬ eStream, is an excellent example of one 在线交‪易‬ business that met these (29). Back in 在线交‪易‬ 1996, when Pham was looking for a loan, he didn't like filling in the same form every time he (30). to a new lender.That got him thinking. Why not (31). prospective borrowers to complete a standard form and circulate that to 在线交‪易‬ a number of lenders, who would then make an offer to the borrower, in (32). with each other?

Pham's company is doing well. Last year, eStream (33). more than 1.5 million loans on behalf of 170 lenders.

19 A largely B deeply C mainly D widely
20 A existed B occurred C happened D developed
21 A led B brought C caused D resulted
22 A number B percentage C division D quantity
23 A pulled B made C turned D carried
24 A sum B total C amount D figure
25 A applying B exerting C struggling D forcing
26 A left out B gave up C drew back D ran down
27 A adds B connects C combines D links
28 A confidence B security C 在线交‪易‬ certainty D promise
29 A necessities B propositions C measures D criteria
30 A requested B asked C applied D demanded
31 A attract 在线交‪易‬ B invite C suggest D recommend
32 A contrast B conflict C challenge D competition
33 A performed B dealt C handled D treated

19题,理解了意思不难做出选择,是说将广泛分散的卖家和买家聚集到了一起。用widely dispersed。
20题,以前从未存在过的。None existed before。
21题,这套设备导致了在线交易的出现。lead to导致。
22题,take percentage of是个常用词组,意思是要拿走一部分。看个例句:I don’t take a percentage of your ad buy。在买卖中常用到这个说法。
23题,turned out to be,固定用法,结果是
24题,in total总共,固定用法
26题,也要从意思上理解。这一段是讲的major embarrassments,举的例子都是消极的,前面说一个公司挣扎着要留下来,后面说当这个businessman损失了280m的时候,供应商放弃他了。用give up。
27题,combine 在线交‪易‬ with,结合。将正确的商业计划和顶级技术结合好的时机和买家和卖家的信任。
29题,meet/satisfy/fulfil criteria满足标准,看朗文的一个例句:To qualify for a grant, students must satisfy certain criteria。
30题,apply to 在这里是申请的意思:to make a formal request, usually written, for something such as a job, a place in a university, or permission to do something。看一个例句:I applied to four universities and was accepted by all of them.这个句子的意思是他不喜欢每次申请新的借款人时都要填相同的表格。
31题,这里填入invite,使用的是一个不太常用的意思:to politely ask someone 在线交‪易‬ to do something。礼貌的邀请某人做某事。整个句子的意思是邀请借款者填写一个标准的表格,然后表格在债主那里流通。
32题,in competition with each other相互竞争。