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「long-distance calls」を日本語に翻訳する

People who can't go home can also make long-distance calls and talk to their parents and family to share Thanksgiving.

Because long-distance calls still often involve the traditional telephone system, there are a wide range of both interesting business VoIP frauds, as well as those that target telephone service providers (TSPs).

Yalong Bay is because there are many star hotels, booking through Ctrip will be long-distance calls than we are personally to the hotel Reservation Reservation should also cheaper, despite the hotel reservation department reported to us the price already played half of the amount of the.

Just because you don't have high speed Internet, doesn't mean that you can't save a fortune by using VoIP for your long-distance calls.

I chose a "call shop" (a shop with telephones for long-distance calls) where a group of men is always gathered, standing inside and outside.

The quality of the overall system was even more than acceptable.This is the kind of system that fits any virtual office whose employees require to produce lots of long-distance calls.

It also lets you keep your existing phone bills, since your long-distance calls still travel over your phone-company lines.Where TalkSwitch shines is in its features as a PBX and 期权基础知识之 Long Call 看涨期权 its ability to connect remote offices and treat them as a single phone system.

それはまたあなたの長距離電話がまだあなたの電話会社ラインに移動するのであなたの既存の電話代の請求書を保つことを可能にする。 TalkSwitch の輝やきがPBX および遠隔オフィスを接続し、単一の電話システムとして扱う機能として特徴にあるところ。

Demonstration (download: wav file) Reduction of 4 main causes of stress Latency Optimal adjustment of packet size according the transmission bandwidth Much like long-distance calls years ago, voice latency throws off the tempo and deteriorates the quality of communication.

音声デモンストレーション ダウンロード (wavファイル) ストレスを感じさせる4つの要因を軽減 遅延 伝送帯域に応じてパケットサイズの最適調整 音声遅延は、一昔前の国際電話のごとく会話のテンポを狂わせ、通話品質を劣化させます。

Our line of seven people travel through the famous website "Ctrip," when in Xiamen easily booked accommodation in three cities, and another two long-distance calls using their own book.

When making local calls it is not necessary to dial the area code, while for long-distance calls area code must be added before the phone number.

On the General tab, 期权基础知识之 Long Call 看涨期权 in Dialing rules, enter the numbers required to reach an outside line for local and long-distance calls.

Use the buttons below to enter the dialing steps for making long-distance calls. Enter these steps in the exact order as they appear on your calling card.

The way to say something about that day in the beautiful beaches of the sea breeze while 期权基础知识之 Long Call 看涨期权 an old brain dump to Habbo big story of his feelings, but he still did not forget to give him a blue long-distance calls, regardless of the time in the morning, or today's meeting, I was have to see him on a cell phone call, worried about his heart, or not trust will be less attractive blue Elang swallowed?

The cards are sold in railway stations, bus stations, scenic 期权基础知识之 Long Call 看涨期权 spots, and convenience stores.Call ratesWhen making local calls, it is not necessary to dial the area code; when making long-distance calls, however, the area code of which the recipient stay must be dialed in first (see explanation on the public telephone) and then the recipient's phone number.International calls can be made from private cell phones, public IDD phones, 期权基础知识之 Long Call 看涨期权 or hotel IDD phones.

国際直接ダイヤル通話(International Direct Dialing,略称IDD)の割引時間は,平日の午後 11 時から翌 8 時まで,土曜日の正午 12 時以降,日曜日全日および月曜日の午前 8 時まで,そして祝日と振替休日は全日となっています。 エリアコード市内電話の場合,エリアコードをダイヤルする必要はなく,市外電話の場合は,先にエリアコード(公共電話上の說明をご参照ください)をダイヤルしてから電話番号を回します。

期权基础知识之 Long Call 看涨期权

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Long calls

Partial CDRs, such as long calls or those crossing midnight boundaries, can be aggregated.

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Muchas gracias, Cecilia
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Hola de nuevo:
Tengo duda también con el término de "crossing midnight boundaries". Me han dicho que es cuando empiezas una llamada a las 11.50 期权基础知识之 Long Call 看涨期权 PM y la terminas a las 12.15, por lo que la llamada pasaría de un día a otro. ¿Sabéis el término en español?
Gracias de nuevo.

Esperanza Fernández-García

Por el contexto.

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Muchas gracias, Cecilia

A juzgar por lo que dice después, a esto se refiere

las que duran mucho o las que empiezan en un día y terminan en otro (midnight boundaries)

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